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Time for Reorientation?

viva essenza - Facilitating Change!

Welcome at viva essenza, your partner for sustainable personal development in Munich, Germany.

We provide a spectrum of innovative, inspiring trainings, workshops and coachings, which allow you to liberate inherent resources, unfold your true potential and thus conduct a shift in direction in your life.

viva essenza means living the essence, the essential, the unique that resides in each person and awakening it to life. That is exactly the task we are committed to and it applies to both, people in organizations as well as private persons. 

In an ever faster changing environment we encounter challenges almost every day. However, instead of acting effectively, flexible and centered and creating new possibilities for us, we are often stuck in outdated ways of thinking, unconscious behavior patterns and standard communication methods.

Who leads in(to) the future? It is people and organizations who are willing to throw old approaches and patterns overboard and strike a new path. The world is longing for powerful, authentic people. For many people it is self-evident that you do not work with an outdated Windows Version 95 on your computer. It is high time to also update the human software through new skills, change directions and thus pave sustainable ways to success.

viva essenza trainings combine new, sustainable skills, profound insights, experience and enthusiasm. We offer you transformational trainings for personal and global change.

Are you interested in opening a new, enriching chapter in your life?

Just contact us. You can reach us by email (info@viva-essenza.com) or by phone (+49 (0)89-384 63 36 5). We are looking forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,
Nicola Nagel and the viva essenza team

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